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After watching her mother’s murder at the hands of the police department, Tabitha Murren grows into a frightened young woman who obeys the law. But when she is shot by a hostile police officer, she finds herself with gifted powers that could save disheartened civilians from their oppressors.

     The Scions Of God


The Scions of God are a group of humble people who believe in the words of Hatshepmose, a powerful Egyptian goddess who lived over 2,000 years ago. Hatpshepmose promoted the belief that all people are gods, people's lives are mirrors of their own minds, and corruption can be conquered with positive energy.

The Scions of God advocates equality for the entire human race. Though they follow the words of a woman from ancient times, their beliefs are needed now more than ever. 



Hello, my name is Alessandra Pinkston: lovable actress, dedicated writer, filmmaker extraordinaire, and serious foodie. My producer, Jennifer Walters, is a super-duper, Emmy Award-nominee.Welcome to the website of the workaholics who are producing "Scions of God". As always, we wanted to make a film touching on subjects of today with a female protagonist. Our goal is to empower women by giving them the opportunity to focus on films outside of the comedy and drama genres. We are proud of our latest project, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Alessandra Pinkston, CEO and President

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